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Explore local sweets in a castle town | Tokyo Food Style

Explore local sweets in a castle town

By Natsumikan October 18, 2018 552 views

Have you ever been to a castle town in Japan?
A castle town is one of the many urban forms of Japanese architecture.
Today, I would like to introduce the Inuyama castle town in Aichi prefecture. There are many places to explore and find good food.


Yamada Gohei mochi shop

Source of photo: Go Nagano!

Have you ever had or heard of Gohei mochi? Gohei mochi is a rice cake grilled with soy sauce or miso. They look like Dango, a more well-known type of mochi, because they are served on bamboo skewer sticks. The delicious smell coming from the shop will for sure make you hungry!
After you order a Gohei mochi for yourself, you can eat it while its fresh and warm and you only need to wait a few minutes. It tastes savory and delicious! For only 100 yen (approximately $1!), you can enjoy this delicious favor!


Source of photo:

The Kuraya provides very photogenic, Instagram-ready dango. They are called “Koikomachi Dango”. It became popular across social media in Japan, and many people come from all over Japan to eat and take pictures of this dango.
What makes them photogenic are the colorful sweet bean paste and fruits on them, so they look very cute and aesthetically pleasing. Mainly, young ladies enjoy taking pictures of them and add them to their Instagram feed. Not only do they look pleasing, but they also have a pleasing taste!
You can explore and enjoy many kinds of bean jam’s flavor, such as honey lemon and strawberry, mango, and so on. If you also want to drink green tea, I would recommend ordering the combo of two dangos and a cold green tea for 500 yen.

There are other places to walk around and eat at Inuyama in Aichi, so it’s worth it to visit here at least once in your lifetime!

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