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The representative soul food in Nagoya, Hitsumabushi | Tokyo Food Style

The representative soul food in Nagoya, Hitsumabushi

By Natsumikan November 16, 2018 725 views

Hitsumabushi is a Japanese food, one of the local food in Nagoya.
Hitsumabushi consists of grilled eel cut and put on rice which are served in a bowl of Ohitsu. (Ohitsu is a wooden container.)
When you eat Hitsumabushi, it Is essential to eat from the bowls of Ohitsu.
You can eat it simply with just eel and rice, but Hitsumabushi is also provided with wasabi, kizami nori (shredded nori), and chopped scallions, so you can choose which toppings to put on it to make it even better.

Recommended ways of eating Hitsumabushi:
Each Hitsumabushi restaurant recommends different ways of eating hitsumabushi.
For example, Atsuta Hōraiken (famous for Hitsumabushi, located in Nagoya.) recommends the following ways of eating.

  1. Divide rice in the Ohitsu into four parts with a Shamoji. (Shamoji is a wooden spoon to serve or mix rice)
  2. Serve one quarter of the rice in a bowl, and eat with eel.
  3. Serve another quarter of the rice in a bowl, put wasabi, kizami nori or chopped scallions on rice, and mix them together. You can find your favorite taste.
  4. Serve another quarter as usual, pour dashi (fish stock) or sencha (green tea of middle grade), and eat it like an ochazuke (rice in green tea).
  5. Choice anyway to eat as you like with the remaining rice.

If you want to eat Hitsumabushi in Los Angles, you should check out Wadatsumi by Hirakawa.
You can eat not only Hitsumabushi but also Sushi and Tempura and many more.
I hope you can enjoy many Japanese food there.

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