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Attracting every person in town, the creamy Tonkotsu ramen!! | Tokyo Food Style

The long-waited ramen craze in Long Beach! Attracting every person in town, the creamy Tonkotsu ramen!!

By Natsumikan February 14, 2019 420 views

Restaurant: HiroNori Craft Ramen
Menu: Tonkotsu ramen (pork bone broth)
Noodle: Straight
Thickness: Thin (optional)
Hardness: Normal
Oiliness: Normal

While looking for a place to eat, I randomly found this ramen place with a fancy interior. Even though I arrived just when it opened, the place was packed and I immediately knew how popular the place is. The Tonkotsu ramen, their signature ramen out of the menu, is very creamy and rich just like how it looks, and the unique scent of the tonkotsu, or pork bone broth, and the burnt scent of soy sauce form a delicious harmony. This time I chose thin noodles, but it might be better with slightly thicker noodles. There are also bean sprouts as toppings which water down the soup as time goes by, so next time I might want to try it without bean sprouts. The roasted pork fillet has a perfect thickness and a sweetness of fat that form a perfect balance with the soup and noodles, making it impossible to put your chopsticks down. This authentic Tonkotsu ramen will definitely satisfy many Japanese people just like it has satisfied many locals. Hope you will try it yourself!

HiroNori Craft Ramen: 610 E Carson St., Long Beach, CA 90807

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