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Eat tofu, Be healthy!

By Natsumikan November 6, 2018 211 views

Tofu is a healthy food that is made of soy milk by curdling and pressing it into a container.
Tofu is low in calories but they are high in protein, iron, calcium, and more. So it is a popular food for people who are conscious of their diet and health.

Tofu was introduced in Japan from China during the Nara period, and it spread all through Japan in the Muromachi period. In the Edo period, people preferred to eat dengaku. Dengaku is grilled tofu on a skewer dipped in miso. During that time, the Tofu Hyakuchin was published. This book is full of recipes using tofu, introducing about 100 kinds of tofu dishes. It shows that tofu has been loved by Japanese people for a very long time. Tofu can be used in a wide range of dishes from staple food to desserts.

By using tofu, we can reduce calories. If you want to eat sweet desserts while you are on a diet, you should eat tofu desserts. For example, there are ganache with tofu in the place of fresh cream and Japanese pumpkin cake with tofu and yogurt instead of fresh cream and butter. Because they are not high in calories, they are relatively healthy and you will feel satisfied. (But don’t eat them too much!)
There are many other dishes that use tofu, such as tofu hamburg steak.
Because of tofu’s simple flavor, it matches any kind of dish.

Hope you enjoy tofu dishes!

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